The Solution

The Solution

Dementia and pre-dementia among the elderly are complex disorders whose complexity is related to two factors:

The first, high multi morbidity in the elderly,
which includes both basic conditions, like
hypertension as well as associated

high multi morbidity

The second, multi-phenomenological
symptomatic presentation, which includes
multiple components of the cognitive-,
behavioral- and functional changes.

multi phenomenological
symptomatic presentation

introducing: ascento's solution

  • Ascento provides a server-based subscription-based solution for Hospitals, HMO’s, and memory clinics.

  • based on the integration of data  collected from various sources, dynamic questionnaires, neuro-psychologic and geriatric detailed information, the solution generates clear treatment recommendations for clinicians to implements


  • By integrating AI at the core of our product, the solution will continuously learn and improve itself.


  • In the future, we will be able to create early detection of the appearance of dementia and generate effective treatment recommendations, accordingly